From single audio source to complex composition

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August 16, 2018
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Version 2 is much more playable. The workflow has been improved and the looper includes many fixes and updates.

This is meant for a bass guitar player to generate complex sounds and patterns in Live. Also works of course with other audio sources although not tested...

This ensemble takes an audio source and splits it in three channels: a straight channel (lead), a channel for synth sounds and a channel for percussion/noise sounds driven by a sequencer.

version 2: 9/9/2018

Description of the Blocks :

Mix In : Takes 4 sources.
Four effects can be inserted to the channels. Just click on the LEDS.
You can also switch ON and OFF some of the effects blocks wired in the chain.
For convenience, the effects can be named: move the mouse on top of the underligned texts.
Includes Audio In utilities: Takes the clean audio source and convert to signals : gate, Pitch and enveloppes.
credits to : RS-01 Input Interface (Reaktion - Sound ) and The Mouth (Tim Exile).

BEEF_UP : This started as an attempt to "blockized" the great 4DIST instrument by Boscomac. I took some liberties however in order to make it easier to use and to make it sound as I wanted: 3 bands instead of 4, the drive component from another Boscomac instrument (Devil Inside) and the fuzz from the Max Dyn block by Kostas Karamitas.

Pitch Shifter : A stereo version of the Pickle v1.1 by Colugo

Margot : the MARGOT block from Kostas Karamitas. Width of the block has been reduced.

STELLAR : A "blockized" version of the fantastic Stellar instrument by Boscomac. A "Discovery" option has been added to allow custom settings beside the great starts proposed by Boscomac.
The synth channel goes to this block.

Chorus by Marcel Huibers . Unchanged.

ACCENT SEQ : based on TRIG-SEQ by Colin Brown. I added velocity accents. Each button has 4 levels: off, muffled, low and accented (full velocity).

GATE PROCESSOR : a simple block to combine (or not) gate signals. Used for adding sounds controlled by either the sequencer or/and the input audio (guitar).

Scrambler : another great fun block by Colugo. I only changed the write controller: it's now based on a gate signal (easier to use than the sensitivity knob).

In this ensemble, the "percussion" sounds are created by a mix of audio signal, noise and the NI standard Niji CLAP.

THE CORNET: a straight "blockization" of the instrument by Boscomac. It give a realistic finish to noise percussions.

And last but not least, the LOOPER.
It's based on the Sample Looper by Michael Hetrick.
To control the clock, it's got 4 modes: INT for internal clock, EXT for external clock, TAP where the tempo is tapped on the red circle and FREE, a simple stop/start loop.
For the first three modes, when tempo is known, the loop length is set by selecting the number of beats in a bar and the number of bars.

Vincent Maupas
2018 08 16


Lewi Glenis
1 year ago
Hi Vincent, for some reason it won't extract Error Dialog: "No files to extract"!
Vincent Maupas
1 year ago
Indeed, at least three blocks from Colugo. There're also some Boscomac's that I revamped.
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Some of your stuff, Colugo here..