Multi effect distortion unit

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August 17, 2018
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Effect Multi-Effect


Quadra incorporates long effect chain processing for warping sounds, sci-fi soundscapes and metallic FX, inspired by game sound design, it has limitless possibilities with integrated LFO automation that can be assigned to many parameters at once,
LFO automation for filtering with 3 different equalisers and sound processing modules that can be used altogether or separately. Entirely experimental, add to any sound and see what magic can be made!


jace cavacini
4 months ago
Hard to look at, sorry.
7 months ago
Thanks LenB, I shall fix it :)
7 months ago
The mix knob doesn't work because no dry input has been connected to it. Simple to go into the structure and link it up, making a more functional device.
Lewi Glenis
1 year ago
Looks great looking forward to test drive it. Thanks!
Peter O'Shea
1 year ago
Love it. Awesome design. Easy to use. And I love the crazy sounds I get from it. Very well put together. Highly recommended.