TR-style MIDI drum sequencer

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
August 17, 2018
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


This drum machine is my attempt to create a universal TR-inspired drum sequencer that would work seamlessly with any number of drum samplers/synths. It is capable of holding 280 fully customizable drum maps that are recalled snapshot independently from Panel B of the ensemble. In practice this means that you can program a pattern to play in conjunction with for example Softube's Heartbeat (a drum map is provided for this instrument), but then easily audition this same pattern with any of the 142 kits in Battery 4's library (which are also all mapped). This can be a quick and convenient way of generating new drum rhythms by playing around with the kits and different mappings.

Outlined below are the key features of the TR-MINI:

• TR style 16 or 32 step drum sequencer that looks and behaves like many of the classic rhythm boxes of old
• Up to 15 different drum sounds per pattern
• Up to 32 synced or instantly recallable patterns per REAKTOR snapshot
• Each step of each drum sound has independent velocity setting that is displayed at all times on the front panel (unlike drum machines that inspired it)
• Up to four ‘kit variations’ (ie MIDI maps) per map
• Unique ‘global’ or ‘local’ option to allow copy/paste/clear to work across whole pattern or just the currently selected drum sound (colour adjusts on panel to demonstrate this)
• Unique ‘paste to’ option that will instantly or on bar change paste the current pattern to a new one, allowing for seamless beat building
• Kit/mute/pattern change can all be optionally bar synced
• Global Shuffle/humanize and velocity offset available from front panel
• The entire BATTERY 4 library fully mapped with patterns programmed for each kit
• The 4 kit variations can each be optionally automatically assigned to any pattern
• 4 banks of MIDI mappings (kit maps) per snapshot, 280 in total
• Entire drum machine OSC mapped and TOUCHOSC template provided in download
• Fully customizable drum mapping and drum labels per map
• Variable pattern length (1 step to 16) or if in Bank A and B mode (1 step to 32 steps)
• Unique ‘auto crash’ button that adds a crash at the start of next bar on selection

I have included a manual in the download to explain further how everything works, but essentially this ensemble will output MIDI according to the current loaded map and just send that MIDI output to the MIDI input of your chosen drum sampler/synth.

I will continue to update the patterns/drum maps in the future (for example I plan to map all of the drum kits included in Tal-Sampler in Bank B soon), but if anyone does map any of their drum samplers (such as any of the Maschine expansions) let me know and I can include them in an update.

I hope you find it a useful additions to your beat making tools, and please let me know of any feature suggestions/bugs etc.


Richard Phillips
2 years ago
Can anyone tell me how i can control an external drum module with Reaktor?
Poty Mg
3 years ago
Enhorabuena, me parece genial el interface y funciona realmente bien. Gracias por el aporte.
Oliver Kennard
4 years ago
@ Juliano the ensemble doesn't actually generate any audio, it only outputs MIDI notes (these can be customized via the 'maps' found on Panel B); you will need to route the MIDI out from Reaktor to a sampler like Battery 4 or similar.
juliano bcheche
4 years ago
hey guys, sorry my ignorance, but i try to use the mini and is not sounding at all.... where was my mistake/ thanks in advance
Oliver Kennard
4 years ago
@ Daniel Thanks very much for the feedback, really happy with the TR-8 comparison, that machine was the inspiration for starting this ensemble! I like your idea of micro timing push\pull per step, will have to think about how it would be possible with the current architecture I have.
Daniel Muckala
4 years ago
This is great! Just like my Roland TR-8s! 1 question: would you consider adding a 'shift' function for per step microtiming/push/pull function?
Oliver Kennard
4 years ago
@Philippe Thanks for taking the time to try my ensemble. It should work in any of those configurations you described, I use it myself in a DAW, once it is loaded in an instance of Reaktor I just route the MIDI out of the Reaktor instance to the MIDI in of the plugin with the drum sounds (it is easiest to test with Battery 4 if you have it as it comes pre-mapped for all library kits). You could use it standalone with a virtual MIDI bus like 'LoopBe1' also, but hosted in a DAW is probably easiest. @Greg Also thanks for trying the ensemble; the 'sample' button on Panel B I should have named 'Kit Preview' (will update this soon). These 1 bar samples are just to give a preview of the kit map that has been selected (I created all these using the ensemble itself). The ensemble itself doesn't generate any sound on it's own, but generates MIDI notes out of Reaktor which can then be routed to a plugin of your choice such as Battery 4/Heartbeat/VProm etc. I made this ensemble as both Battery 4 and Heartbeat (my primary drum sources) don't come with a dedicated sequencer so my intention was originally to fill that gap.
Greg Godwin
4 years ago
Great work, but need to enable 'Sample' on Panel B or else no sound.
Philippe Loiseau
4 years ago
Nice work. When talking about using it with plug-ins, you Ean in a DAW, or with standalone apps using virtual busses ?