Niji Solution 2

Complete Drum Machine with External Sequencer.

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V2.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
August 23, 2018
Reaktor 6


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A lot of improvements... New sequencer (offset and step knob more intuitive and visual), new sound generators, new master fxs (delay, filter, saturation, eq, compressor ...), compatibility of the gate/shuffle/direction knob with pattern A and B, new fx sequencer section, new mix table with quick access for change patterns and solo function, patch and play compatibility....
Panel B for smaller view.
Be patient when loading the instrument or ensemble (very big process) :) !


Add new FX sequencer section for the filter, saturation, SR reducer and master level.
New snapshots collection by DJ Saint Pierre (Hexarec / Illegal Alien Records)
Various improvements.


The Native Instruments Niji Collection and Bento Seq, modified and combined for create a complete drum machine with a lot of options, for studio and live performance.

You can use this drumbox for control 2 external instruments and create quickly a complete instrumental set up (it works very well with my two other synth : aerobus and styx for example :)).

Also, each channel : kick, snare... have a dedicated send return fx loop and individual outputs, very usefull for multitrack mixing application in your DAW.

Each channel have his own sequencer + 2 or 3 modulation tracks, with 2 variations. This variations are very important for creating moving rythmic pattern and the panel B offer two kind of control : classic on/off, or momentary ... In fact the panel B is the central command to play this Drum machine Live ! FX, variation, mute, master... The basic for jam 's session !

You can also play with your keyboard or controller : note C1 to A1.

Specs :
Sound :
- 5 Niji Instruments modified : Kick, Snare, Clap, 2 HH, Tom.

Mix/FX :
- Level mixer, mute.
- Global filter LP and HP (in one knob) with resonance and ext envelope tracking.
- Saturation.
- Compression with make up gain.
- "Tilt-loud" style Eq.
- Sample rate reducer (core macro find in the euro reakt serie delay)

- 5 independent bento sequencer modified and clock sync to the Host.
- 2 or 3 Modulation track per instrument.
- 2 External sequencer with 2 (uni and bi) modulation "cv" out.
- Two variation for all of this, with "live" access on the panel B

You have in the download files one test ens. Its the snapshot i used for the mp3 audio example.



6 months ago
Phenomenal, thanks!
josé azevedo
7 months ago
is possible to install in Audition?
Cássio Raoni
8 months ago
how to install no Reaper?
Victor Zelada
11 months ago
Ableton Support?
Gabriel Aeschimann
1 year ago
where can i find the serial number?
Pantp Pantp
1 year ago
Hello can anybody tell if it´s able to use in Reaper, because i have tried to download, but the files aren´t .dll so I think that this is the why Reaper don´t recognize it. Thanks
Kirk Spencer
2 years ago
Am I missing how to get triplets?
Wolfgang Kroon
2 years ago
nice one... thanx..
2 years ago
Thanks you everyone for all your comments ! Feel free to suscribe to my facebook page "studio10c" and stay tuned of my new reaktor's content ! ps : instant promo : (and feel free to donate if you want to help my work :)
frunk eiblek
2 years ago
thank you bud ,
2 years ago
Thanks NI
Viktor Apostolov
2 years ago
Thank you
Ted Myerson
2 years ago
Interesting ... Thhank you!!!
Shaun Chen
2 years ago
Donghyun Kim
2 years ago
Claudio Ferreira
2 years ago
Great, thanks a lot!
ralf pauli
3 years ago
Gibt es eine Bedienungsanleitung inklusive "wie füttere ich die FX Steps?"
edIT (Glitch Mob)
3 years ago
How do I sync this to a clock? i can't seem to get this to reset on the first step.
Claude S.
3 years ago
I wish the individual drums had panning capabilities (or did I miss this?). I really, really love this. Another improvement I'd make is a slightly larger interface for us with no so good eyes. :)
3 years ago
One of the best sounding drums synth even compared with comercials! Great work, than you!
3 years ago
Thank you Stewart !
Stewart Fernandez
3 years ago
Amazing update
3 years ago
ah ah
Philippe Loiseau
3 years ago
oh oh !
michael hordorwich
3 years ago
Awesome thank you!
Petty Vendetta
3 years ago
lovely little gem 'ere. Glad we checked in! THe pitch sequencing is a nice touch. We're writing melodies on 'er
3 years ago
V1.1 Note Very long process, take a lot of time to load, but fully functionnal !
Dieter Zobel
3 years ago
sonds good, looks good, thanks
Bob Swans
3 years ago
You are on fire at the moment. Everything you add to the UL looks and sounds amazing. Thank you!
3 years ago
Thanks a lot everyone !
Lewi Glenis
3 years ago
Very well thought out ensemble thanks a lot Studio10c!
Claude S.
3 years ago
This is a great piece of work, man!
Brett Lavallee
3 years ago
This is very useful. It looks great too. Thank you.
Philippe Loiseau
3 years ago
Oui, le temps de chargement est long.. ceci dit, tu as process de 3km de haut :-) Encore bravo !
Philippe Loiseau
3 years ago
Oui, le temps de chargement est long.. ceci dit, tu as process de 3km de haut :-) Encore bravo !