daBlackbird NKS version

The original daBlackbird, adapted for KK + Maschine

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September 09, 2018
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


The is just the unchanged original daBlackbird ensemble but adapted with a template to enable realtime control in Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine. Also includes a few of my own snaps. Still one of the most fun FX ensembles around.

All credit to the original designer (Paul Swennenhuis) and David Coffin for converting to R5 (sorry I took out the extra 12band delay as I just wanted the pure Blackbird so this is not the plus version). Includes thumbnail for the browser (goes in \Users\Shared\NI Resources\image\reaktor\dablackbird). Probably needs R6 now due to the modifications.


Stephen Wey
3 years ago
hmm looks like Amor will need a bit more work to get it updated, the whole layout is strangely mashed up in R6
Stephen Wey
3 years ago
Thanks David, I will correct my mistake in saying it was a Martin Brinkman ens, so long since it came out I'd forgotten. I also forgot about Amor, I'll have a look, shouldn't be too hard.
David Coffin
3 years ago
Good to see, thanks, Stephen! Hope you'll get around to adding Amor, too: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/reaktor-community/reaktor-user-library/entry/show/1833/ Here's the info this originally shipped with, back when it was for sale from Dash: "DaBlackBird by AuReality, for Dash Synthesis, January 2002 (Paul Swennenhuis) DaBlackBird is a pitch-shift/reverb effect. It can act in Mono (Left channel input) or Stereo mode. If you want a mono effect switch the Stereo button in the panel off. The incoming sound is first treated by a Reverb (courtesy of Martijn Zwartjes), then by two pitch-shifters (actually they are Grain Delays), one for each channel. The pitch-shifted signal is fed back again to the Grain Delays (the amount is adjustable by the Depth setting). This way a signal that has already been pitch-shifted will be treated again, resulting in an even higher (or lower) pitch. Using short delays for the pitch-shifters you will get laser-shot type of sounds, like in the Vibrator patch. Using longer delays will result in pitch-shifted echoes, like in the Tangerine patch. You can modulate the pitch that should be imposed on the signal in many ways: Envelope amount (for this to work you must connect the envelope input), Pitch Wheel, Modulation Wheel, Aftertouch and LFO. The speed of the LFO can be synced to that of the Grain Delay of the left channel. The effect ends with a random panning treatment. "
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
Thank you!
Philippe Loiseau
3 years ago
Wao, very nice, did. not know this one. Thx for the NKS work.