Ginger Bobinger Audio Stereo Hack

Stereo hack for Martin Brinkmanns Ginger Sound Generator

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September 16, 2018
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selfsimilar-music generator.
3 voices with mutual fm, 2 delays and a flanger.

the formula:

Xn+1 = Yn-sgn(Xn)*sqrt(abs(b*Xn-c))
Yn+1 = a-Xn

july 2003 martin brinkmann


2018 Hack by Stephan Bobinger @Bobinger Audio

Added Stereo Signal Path
with 3 LFOs

Replaced old delays with new ones with mutiple advanced modulation options.

Added 3 Scopes for the Generators and Rounds Reverb

Live Jam with Maschine and Ginger Hack


Stephan Bobinger
2 years ago
Live Jam with Ginger Hack and Maschine