ChroSeries Juno 106

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0.166 (Updated 4 years ago)
September 19, 2018
Reaktor 6


Beta version of the Juno 106.
B side for Modulation
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Special credits for
Kai Handberg & Bradley Grey

Audio previews will be added


1 year ago
Brilliant, thanks for sharing!
Jasper (Chrono) Broeks
3 years ago
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. I haven't picked up on these synths for a while, but when i have time again i will add more fx.
3 years ago
Good sounding instrument ! This is one of the few times I hear a soft synth have lush and character. Thanks!
gentleclockdivider .
3 years ago
I hardly never comment unless when it's really good You took the extra step , and not just slapping on a juno gui + primary modules and call it day This one really sounds ridiculously good
Jasper (Chrono) Broeks
4 years ago
Hi Matthew, The engine i've build is similar on each synth, I've adjusted this accordingly to get a different sound from each. The Alpha is emulated from the hardware and sounds very very much the same except for a few algorithms i could not get the same, A couple waveforms are a little different, as well as the Phase reset on setting will give a slightly different tone. The beta version can still be improved, but the aim for the ensembles was to make it sound like real hardware. I've carefully checked the comparison. The Juno and Jupiter on the other hand are not compared directly with the hardware, but they can compare with the official cloud synths from Roland. Of course they are not identical and you can notice the difference with High resonance settings. I've used the Reaktor Filters and Osc's and did not program these from the ground up. That was not intended, and would most likely cost way too much cpu. i wanted a personal approach but as the sounds go they can sound the same. If anyone owns the hardware of the Juno-106 or Jupiter-8 let me know your opinion so i can improve them even further. Best regards Jasper Broeks
Matthew Judge
4 years ago
Nice work, Jasper! I'm wondering if you can say more about this and your other recent uploads. Do the Juno, Alpha Juno, and Jupiter differ as to their filters and common oscillator types? Are these uploads attempting to closely emulate the sounds of these synths, or just their functionality? I've quickly compared the three synths and they seem similar in terms of overall sound, but I admit it wasn't an intensive look. In any case, great uploads!
Jasper (Chrono) Broeks
4 years ago
noted, ill have a look if i can wrap my mind around that one :)
4 years ago
Great work!! Do you plan to also make an SH101 ?
Jonathan Stubbs
4 years ago
I owned a Juno 106 for a short time. Lovely synth. Nice bass. This adds some nice features!