The Void

Drones & Texures - Rhythm Stepper

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
October 16, 2018
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The Void is an instrument for making soundscapes, textures, drones and also rhythmic stuff.
There are two Sub-audio to audio multi-wave oscillators, a noise generator with various noises and a sampler loop.
Each one has his own multimode filter.
The instrument can be modulated by:
4 multiwaveform LFO
1 Sample&Hold
1 Envelope Stepper
-"Meloding" is a note progression randomizer
2 Macro controller

They are pretty assignable to all.

FX Unit with
Resochord(From Metaphysical Fabbrications)
Delay Spin(From Metaphysical Fabbrications)
Reverb(From Metaphysical Fabbrications)

Don't be afraid from the randomizer button, I made a lot of preset just pressing that button!

Hope you make interesting sounds!!

Improvements and other implementation are coming in next versions


Edgardo Hugo Martinez
7 months ago
Definitely original! Very nice instrument.
lesly remy
2 years ago
That's awesome, I guess, but it would nice to be able to input midi values to write a "chord" and have the option to transpose by an exact number of semitones . Those basic features are what make Metaphysical such a powerful tool for me.
Pasquale Lo Zito
2 years ago
I've chosen to not keep the numerical for pitch cause the slider can catch microtuning frequencies.. Sync will be a future update don't worry
lesly remy
2 years ago
Was hoping this would have numerical input values for pitch/freq (60 = C3) as well as clock syncing for all rates.
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
Just tried a few minutes, but seems really great !
Pasquale Lo Zito
2 years ago
I just discovered that there are problems with snapshots.. sorry
Pasquale Lo Zito
2 years ago
Let me know what you think about it
Jonathan Tremblay
2 years ago