Steps of Chance

Weighted probability sequencer

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
October 17, 2018
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Instrument Sequencer


Weighted random and probability based sequencer.

The 3 upper sequencer lines define the weighted probability of a sound selection among 3 different possibilities.

The lower sequencer line defines per-note chance.

3 different scenes with different contents are definable and allow further timed sequencing through the ABC sequencer.

Some knobs and coding snippets grabbed from Dieter Zobels Sekwarium III:

Lazyfish' Newscool synthesis engine is added and MIDIfied to your convenience, as a test synth for your sequences. Nevertheless, Steps of Chance is a MIDI sequencer, so you can plug it to your engine of choice.

Have fun!
(And I'll be happy to hear what you do with it...)

Santiago Vilanova


Dee M
2 years ago
Wow! Thanks a lot!
lesly remy
3 years ago
Is this like the probability feature on the Octatrak?
Thomas Alenfors
3 years ago
Really love your work!!
ilias boufidis
4 years ago
thank you!
Catman Dude
4 years ago
This baby is wonderful. Love that you gave the user enough hooks to feel as if we might be able to control it a bit. One way to do that is using Bank1 of NWSCL, which had 2 snaps in it. Bank 1 doesn't get randomized as much as Bank 2, making it possible to add some snaps from Bank2 and hang out on some of Lazyfish's sounds; and then go back to Bank2 for maximum delightful Crazyfish. Fantastic understanding of probabilities and random in this!
Giorgio Inzaghi
4 years ago
Felix Petrescu
4 years ago
fantastic:) thanks Santi!!!
marco vicari
4 years ago
Whow! Thank you so much!
4 years ago
There it is - thanks Playmodes.
Eduard Rojas
4 years ago
Brutal! Instant tech!