Multi-Color Drum Synth CH Selector Switch & Tweaker Utility

MIDI Activity and CH Select for Drum Synths

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1.0 (Updated 11 months ago)
October 30, 2018
Reaktor 6


i developed this switch in response to my own need for a Selector Switch Array with MIDI activity feedback for the upcoming DAWDrum GUI ( a graphic and DAW specific overhaul on gentleclockdivider's CloneTonic. )

if NI ever comes out with a new button, in the future, which has an input and so can be arrayed to accomplish the that point i would consider this file obsolete, and recommend using any new button from NI as it would undoubtedly use fewer CPU resources.


Rulgert Ghostalker
11 months ago
anyway, set the transparency at about 75%, and the color on white, for both active and inactive, and they look more like buttons, ( that's a good starting point )... scale values up by 1.1, then 1.1 again if needed...the RGB just responds as if receiving a one for composite values greater than one.
Thala Estra
11 months ago
i am unguilty and guilty at the same time... it was at 2 stars and i gave it a better rating, so it jumped up to three stars...
11 months ago
1=troll; 2=sufficient; 3=good; 4=very good; 5=out standing
David Coffin
11 months ago
Crappy gag if that’s what's going on:(
Rulgert Ghostalker
11 months ago
the three stars seems to have become a running gag... a carry over on my GRE plauged first uploads... bunch of jerks, i ended up fixing that myself you know.