Snapshot bank - James Peck's Bluewave

Snapshots for James Peck (Memorecks)'s Bluewave synth

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November 07, 2018
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23 snapshots for the lovely Bluewave synth, a mixed bag but mostly pretty wonky BOC style with plenty of dust, wobble and noise. Thanks to James for a very inspiring and great sounding synth.
Appropriate mood and setting backgrounds are set for each preset :)

D/L Bluewave here -

My first upload to the library so constructive feedback is very welcome.

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New pack for Absynth coming very soon! -


Colin Sinclair
1 year ago
really awesome dude.... please make more!!! this rocks more BOC/ Aphex oh yeahhhhhhh
Matthew Miller
1 year ago
You had me at BOC
1 year ago
If you use on poly sounds the function unison max 3 or 4 min 2 spread 0.05 to 0.2 the sound get more bite. It saves with every snapshot.