Fu-Xi Drive

Triple Staged Overdrive

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1.1 (Updated 4 years ago)
November 10, 2018
Reaktor 6
Effect Distortion


Fu Xi.. the second . He was brave, a giant sleeping in an egg of modular chaos .
In the beginning there was no order. Producers knew only their mothers only, not their fathers. When hungry they devoured the hide and hair, drank the blood, and clad themselves in skins, then hit on rocks with the bones .

Then came Fu Xi and looked up high and contemplated chaos. He regulated the five stages of change, and laid down the laws of humanity. He devised the eight trigrams, in order to gain mastery over the world. But most importantly his final creation is now revealed - the Triple AA Fu-Xi Drive for Reaktor Blocks.

(UPDATE - the filter on V1 could clip out so its changed, and it could get loud... so some auto-gain compensation added + a new booster.)

Its now quite safe to crank up the overdrive to its max settings. FuXi will increase the input signals overall volume just a fraction,
but leaving a few db headroom on the input signal is recommended if you intended to push the this block to its max.
the auto gain is giving the overdrive a parameter a powerband between 0.4 and 0.7 . Its non linear and as it reaches close to max it will start to cutout as the gain drops. this is intended, and normal for this blocks design.
the booster will add a boost to the overall volume - use this control sparingly if the input signal is very hot.

FU-XI DRIVE stereo
Obliterate everything with this powerful triple staged stereo overdrive unit.
+3 staged AA overdrive
+ booster
+ waveshaper
+ wet/dry
+ x/y -random
+ added auto gain compensation

Note the Mod A/B switch is gone and both sliders are always visible instead of 1 at a time. The 3 flashing leds left and right of the x/y are indicating the timing of the A/B modulation if connected.

Thanks to Hetrick for the waveshaper macro.


3 years ago
This is a great drive ensemble. Thanks!
3 years ago
These descriptions are hilarious
3 years ago
This is a beast. Thanks so much.
ian ainslie
4 years ago
This thing is insane (in the best possible way) Thanks !!
4 years ago
Such a mild mannered, inoffensive little effect :)
David Coffin
4 years ago