Stremel 3

slot scapes generator with MIDI remote control

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3.1 (Updated 3 months ago)
November 21, 2018
Reaktor 6


Start the clock, wait for MIDI Remote generate events.

Section A, upper two slots, containes 384 ASET Pro samples in three banks and section B, lower two slots, 384 Porton Down samples - one shots and loops. Volume and shading forms the basic sound ended in Mix/ FX - mod by the Mod Sources. Seq speed with clock divisor. Seven directions. Sec A and B are mixed followed by fx chain. Master Limiter and AutoM @Snap# at the end of the chain.
Pan controls vice versa Del:Pan.
MIDI note off is delayed for long flows. MIDI note control 36-67

Guenther Fleischmann, Dietrich Pank, Jörg Holzamer, Jan Brähler, Colin Brown, Stephan Becker, Martijn Zwartjes, Donald Philipps, Brett Lavallee, Jonathan Tremblay, Philippe Loiseau, Thala Estra, Henning Malm, Dieter Zobel, Bradley Gray, Jonathan Style


2 months ago
Unpack the zip then unpack the 7zip. If 7zip is aloud here double pack on largerger files isn't necessary. rar is bigger than 7zip
Christian Keller
3 months ago
there is no ens. file in the ZIP, can you upload it again ?
Philippe Loiseau
4 months ago
very nice soundscapes here, thank you Paule.
marco vicari
5 months ago
great work. good for bizarre soundscapes.