Geetar 1.1.b Mod

Physical model plucked strings with pitch compensation.

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1.1.b2 (Updated 8 months ago)
December 12, 2018
Reaktor 5 or lower


First - this Ensemble were created by Chet Singer - the genius of the physical modeling!

This is a typical waveguide-based physical model of a set of plucked strings. They can emulate a guitar, a clav, a bass, or an electric piano.
One thing that sets it apart is a pitch-compensation circuit that keeps the strings in tune when the reflection filter is changed. It is tuned for a 44.1kHz sample rate.
The too-b overdrive circuit is included courtesy of Robin Davies , and are included courtesy of Bernd Keil.

Some features of the instrument are:
1. The timbre, sustain, and volume of the strings can be adjusted at every octave.
2. The strings can hit the frets, facilitating the creation of slap basses and other noisy instruments.
3. The instrument can be tuned to Just Intonation, creating clean major and minor power chords.
4. Some snapshots have key signatures in their names, because they use Just Intonation and should be played in certain keys for the best effect.

A Panel - Reverb - EQ
B Panel - Delay - Phaser - Chorus - Tremolo

The graphic control elements were created by Yerry Feldstein
Made in Reaktor 5.62

Original Ensemble


Thomas Clement
5 months ago
Top marks!
Darrell Burgan
7 months ago
WOAH. This one blows me away. I mean seriously. WOW.
william blackie
8 months ago
Whoa thanks this is awesome
Paul Smith
8 months ago
Sorry. Typo. Thank you Yerry for the interface.
Paul Smith
8 months ago
This looks amazing! well laid out interface. Thank you Jerry for the great interface.
Brian Forge
8 months ago
magic :)
sameer uddin
8 months ago
insanity !! beatuiful
David Coffin
8 months ago
Cool, many thanks!
yerry feldstein
8 months ago