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Lo-fi Lowpass Filter

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James Peck
1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
January 21, 2019
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


2-Pole SVF Lowpass Filter with Saturation, Pitch Modulation and Compression

A very simple filter effect, combining a delay, a filter and a compressor. Create distorted lo-fi tones with this all-in-one, lightweight audio effect.

Signal Chain:
Input > Delay > Filter > Compressor > Output

The pitch modulation is done by applying small amounts of a Random LFO to the time of the delay.

Rate: Sets the rate at which the random LFO changes values
Damp: Applies a lowpass filter to the random LFO
Drift: Sends the filtered random LFO to the delay time, creating pitch modulation
LPF: The cutoff frequency of the lowpass filter
Res: Resonance of the filter
Sat: The level at which incoming audio will begin to saturate
Atk: The attack time of the compressor
Rls: The release time of the compressor
Comp: Lowers threshold of compressor, also applies gain to the outcoming signal
Ratio: Ratio of the compressor
Knee: Knee shape of the compressor
Volume: Output volume trim


cecilia brown
1 month ago
This is great. Many thanks!
Machtigen Salas
7 months ago
gorgoglione vincenzo
9 months ago
Brandon Marshall
11 months ago
Thanks for the amazing plugin once again and the write up as well! This and the VHS one are the most fun and refreshing plugins I’ve ever used. I can’t wait to see all the cool stuff youll come up in the future!
Machtigen Salas
12 months ago
Loving this! amazing.
Mark Bonnington
1 year ago
Really nice.
Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago
A gem worthy of almost any production!