A Tribute to Jon Gomm

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test 2 (Updated 1 month ago)
January 21, 2019
Reaktor 6
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dirty content in a clean surrounding

the audio example was recorded in reaktor standalone just driving one instane of car+ with 8 voices. no additional fx. i have only normalised the recording to -3db and converted into mp3.
stuff like this will just flow out of your speakers, lean back and have a nice sunday.

Main Ensemble/starting base (thanks to Matthias Schertler):

thanks to vadim @NI for taking the time to teach us some ZDF/Filter stuff.
it dropped me out in seconds after opening the "VA Filter". but my brain has recognized the feedback loop...
some days later i started to experiment with karplus strong setups (matthias' upload). as i saw his delay/feedbackloop and especial the positioning of delay and filters, i saw the VA Filter loop again :P
so i had to put a delay into a zero delay feedback circuit. yes even if it seem to make no sense...

i still don`t have any idea of this ZDF stuff nor (digital) filter design.
starting base was the VA Filter from the library. i have deleted not needed stuff and started experimenting in a unknown field.
maybe everything is just wrong :)

that karplus ZDF is driven in parallel (->X-Fade knob on string 1) to matthias karplus circuit.
so mostly all String 1 knobs are acting on the ZDF karplus too. only that feedback knob is replaced by the decay knob in the ZDF section since i wanted a wider range to experiment.
Matthias uses a feedback amount range from .99 to .999 while the ZDF can go from 0.7 to 1.1
this allows to generate short plucks, as well as endless feedbacks going extreme.

don`t worry too much, the saturator will keep it in range.
have fun exploring karplus

thanks to chet singer in general (picked your plug position idea/macro from geetar), which works similar but somehow sounds different in ZDF.

if you want to compare primary and core ZDF only use string 1.
the X-Fade knob will crossfade between
0 = primary
1 = core zdf

new in vers test1h:
-SatL has now a knob
-some new snaps

the combination of high pass cutoff + HP amount + SatL can act like damping, but without (or way less) pitch down effect while sounding more open than the usual low pass solution (alone) in karplus strong circuits.
applying them all slightly instead of going extreme with one of them (the low pass usually) seem to keep the pitch more stable overall.

vers test2:

thanks to antonio blanca for the awesome nod-e firing this setup. just perfect.

update test3:
-we lost some things
-scale correction transpose does not work yet
- ignore any block A/B modulations. them are only there to remeber me removing them
- read tooltips. especial the macro header of the grown flageolettorium
- give feedback
thanks and enjoy a "small" update.
next step will be resetting the pitch "buffers" on snap change / panik button.
atm you can reset everything by switching the audio engine on/off
THANKS TO COLUGO_ for the scale pro!

test 3b.
added the missing pitch reset. button + automatic on snapshot.


michael lancaster
1 month ago
very nice indeed, perfect for node
Greg Killmaster
1 month ago
I love this a lot!! wiw!
Philippe Loiseau
1 month ago
« Driving one instane » : short for insane instance ? :-)
Thala Estra
1 month ago
thanks for the hint, jason!
Jason Chatzilias
1 month ago
there is a really nice video of Richard Devine using this
Thala Estra
1 month ago
delete the hungry sepctrometer and drive car+ at highest samplerate please
Philippe Loiseau
1 month ago
very nice ! Love it !
Thala Estra
1 month ago
thanks and enjoy the new knob!
Catman Dude
1 month ago
Nice, Thala! A very different Karplus Strong instrument from Michael Hetrick's, with lots of controls! Very variable. Excellent work, and thanks.
John Smith
1 month ago
I want a car, you can help with the leasing please?
1 month ago
thank you for downgrade, olli
Thala Estra
1 month ago
should be better now, paule! thanks ;)