8 Voice Polyphonic Visualizer (Midi and MPE compatibel)

a little helper for polyphonic structures (4bar loop)

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1.0c (Updated 2 years ago)
February 06, 2019
Reaktor 6


use roli macro or similar 1:1 voice distribution for MPE

if you encounter hanging notes in our ensembles you can put this into your midi(gate) stream. clicking on a hanging notes (white/red rectangles left hand side) will send gate off to that voice, killing the sound while keeping the wrong note(s) active in the display. so you can have a relaxed look at the problem.

the scopes can monitor all inputs:
other CCs

Vers 1b:
- made all tooltips visibile again.
Vers 1c
- added a test ensemble


Thala Estra
2 years ago
this is not for DAW use. its a little helper for INSIDE reaktor. to send note off one need to click on the left side (the white rectangles showing active notes)
D Vyd
2 years ago
Hi Thala. When I get a hanging note, I'm supposed to click on the long bar drawn in the display? If so, this does not turn off the note. I'm using (1) a MIDI channel switcher in Reaper, (2) your visualizer, and (3) AAS's ultra analog. I switch MIDI channels in the middle of a note, which causes the note to hang. I can see the hung note in your visualizer, but can't turn it off there. Instead, I need to hit the panic button on AAS's instrument. Any suggestions?
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
Thank you Thala! This is very useful with my Seaboard!