CPU and Audio Benchmark tools

Test and verify audio integrity under controllable loads

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1.1 (Updated 2 weeks ago)
February 13, 2019
Reaktor 6


This package contains a test ensemble which can generate controlled loads while generating verifiable audio data. You can use it to test all your audio paths and verify your DAW operation under controlled loads over any length of time.
Included are two Windows batch files to load Reaktor standalone in controlled CPU logical or physical cores so that you can explore the hyperthreading issues of audio processing on your system.
One approach to testing is to load Reaktor standalone into some cores and gradually increase the load while saving audio data in a file for later analysis.
Next one can load a DAW in various channel configurations and loads and again verify the data integrity.
Finally when a stable "maximal" configuration is achieved - the audio project may be saved for later verification when system changes occur and the results re-confirmed to avoid a negative impact.
The audio data is a stereo stream of anti-phase triangle waves at 0 dB.
You can use audio null tests or file checksums to validate the audio data.
Some notes are included in a text file on some other ideas and tools I used in my tests.
Every professional audio engineer encounters glitches, dropouts, audio errors and various types of interstitial digital errors even in systems of very high cost and quality. These tools can help characterize these types of errors at the system level.

Version 1.1 --- 2019-Mar-04

Two additions:
1) Added 2 video demos (1 in Ultra-Wide, and a copy scaled down to HD)
2) I added in the ensemble changes (7 voices instead of 5) that I made for that video.