TOA x UE x NI • 3D-Matrix

Spatial audio distributor for 4 - 36 speakers

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February 18, 2019
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This Block was made for the RE/VOLVE installation of the Media Spaces program of the University of Applied Science Europe in the Soundchamber of Funkhaus Berlin at the TOA Festival 2018 to distribute sound in a 16 speakers (4x2x2) spatial audio setup. It fades an audio input to multiple outputs based on X-, Y- and Z-coordinates. We used multiple instances to place separate audio tracks of live musicians in space. For further infos of the installation check

Please check info section of each button/knob. To activate CV input use the buttons over the X, Y, Z knobs. For debugging you can find a hidden and muted macro called "3D-Meters" in the structure, but it's very CPU-hungry...

Thnx to Michael, Phillip, Julien and Dietrich @Native and of course Native Instruments and Adam Audio for support!


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