Simple Low/High Utility

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1.1 (Updated 3 years ago)
March 21, 2019
Reaktor 6


Nothing fancy, but a utility I use all the time.

Peak-Keep is a simple monitoring macro that allows to see what the highest and lowest values of a given input are. Also contains external reset triggering, for whatever purpose.

- - v.1.1 - -
Fixed a small INIT bug that would prevent low values that aren't negative from instantly getting detected.
I have also added High/Low outputs to allow for whatever further analyzing/processing you wish.

Made By
Jonathan Tremblay

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Jonathan Tremblay
3 years ago
First of all I don't work for Native Instruments. Secondly it doesn't use a hidden mpdule, this is all stock stuff from my version (6.3.0 or 6.3.1, not at my comp atm). Thirdly I think you might be confused with my intentions, I'm not avoiding you or insultung you, I have no beef or problems. I simply made this as a measurement device with ease of use, nothing nefarious here. I just don't understand your implementation and if you have an issue, as you described, it's with your version of Reaktor itself. If you can't update then tell me and I will release you how it is built, just leave me your email.
Jonathan Tremblay
3 years ago
no idea, I just made this because I couldn't find a version somewhere and I like the stability. I mainly use this for seeing the range of ramp oscillators at various frequencies, checking oscillators, counters, etc.
Jonathan Tremblay
3 years ago
Jonathan Tremblay
3 years ago
RocktorT Alexander
3 years ago
Thank you very much! I did not find another module that determines the maximum value of the signal.