for stereo image metering

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1.4 (Updated 5 months ago)
March 31, 2019
Reaktor 6


Vectorscope for stereo image metering. Shape can be set to diamond or circle (radially stretched). The B view folds the negative half over the positive. Includes a balance meter (below) and a correlation meter (on the right).

The scope is autoscaled to input level. Autoscale sets the time it takes to recover from peaks. Meters time affects the speed of the bars. Peaks time sets how long peak marks are held. All timings are in ms. Threshold sets the level at which scope and meters start working, to avoid metering near silence.

v1.1: Renamed timing controls. Added a control for autoscale release.
v1.2: Fixed behavior for very low level. Added a control for threshold.
v1.3: Added Block versions -one bipolar and small, one folded and bigger.
v1.4: Added tooltips. Simplified the code. Placed the goniometers on top, to make it easier to access the view properties and change the fade time.


5 months ago
Thanks! That's a tricky one. I'm using XY controls for the goniometers, because they have a scope mode with fade time. Sadly, this can't be controlled programmatically -you have to access the control's view properties. I could reimplement it with multi displays, but it would be insanely complicated and use a stupid amount of cpu.
omicron beta omicron beta
1 year ago
It's beautiful! Could you increase release of scope like in iZotope Ozone 5?
3 years ago
(1.34 is a tiny fix -the balance meter in the folded block was off-center by 1 px)