The Edge

Very Big Blocks Ensemble

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1.1 (Updated 1 month ago)
April 08, 2019
Reaktor 6
Blocks Patches


Originally I build this Patch to try out how far I could go with my CPU (i7 4770K @ 4.3 GHz ).
So I started to add Module after Module and tryed to connect everything in the most flexible way.
As the result I ended up with this Beast :)
Now it is really on " The Edge " of what my CPU can handle.

Take care of your CPU cooling - it might get overheated !

At first glance it looks very complicated but when you have a closer look you may find out that it is quite easy to use. Every knob is labeled and has a short Hint of its function, so turn the INFO on.
It has a quite complex Modulation Matrix especially for the Filter Bank which it makes a great Tool for Sound Design.
It is compiled with Reaktor 6.3 but has no FPP ,I tried but there is no way…
But every connection you change is saved in the Snapshot !
There is an Audio in Port to process external Signals so its good as an effect processor. External Signals can be used as a Modulation Source, mixed in to the Sound, Trigger and so on.
Thanks to Colugo for his WaveBox upload, I had to do some Mods to reduce CPU demand and now you can see the name of the loaded Wave table.
The External Signal Processor is from the MS 20 upload.
Big Hug to its Builders.
So I hope you will have as much Fun with this Beast as I had building and exploring it.
Cheers and greetings from Portugal.
Markus Cholewa

Vers. 1.1
some minor Bug fixes:
The Mod A->B knob did not work as expected . -fixed

Missing Files error . Should not happen any more (Wave tables in the Snapshots deleted ).

A new Snapshot.

Any Feedback about Bugs or User experience appreciated.


David Coffin
1 month ago
Still sounds cool with a much lower sample rate, thanks!
Markus Cholewa
1 month ago
I am really sorry to hear that Sean, never expected those things could happen.
Sean Joyce
1 month ago
It killed my Reaper DAW ......... no really it did !!
John Smith
1 month ago
Big cool looking synth... My five year old MacBook will be giving it a miss though :-)
Tony Nekrews
1 month ago
Looks fantastic, but you're right about the CPU, my i7 6500U just shrugs and says NAH mate, not on my watch.
Markus Cholewa
1 month ago
Hey Greg ,sorry for this error ,it must be the missing Wavetables used in the Snapshots of the Wavetable Oscillator. I think You just have to click the delete Button on the wavetable Osc. and drop some sample on it. Thanks for Your reply.
Greg Killmaster
1 month ago
this looks great. I get this error when I load it though: "12 audio sample files were skipped and remain missing."