Sentient Clock

Aliens in Arrival

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April 11, 2019
Reaktor 6


Sentient clock is born... the Aliens have arrived, and they play drums aswell!
Rejoice as they go boom, crash, splat, boink and doof!

(The update fixs the seq - could get hung after a while.
also fixed the volume on the crash cymbal so its random isolated now.
reduced the strenght of the auto eq on the kik
added multiouts - listed in a comment in structure view)

(the 2nd update nails it now - this is a really kik ass version.
mainly modded the DWG so it could bring out the dual clocked chaos riffs
so its now 2 single oscillators.
removed the timbre as it was too strong in this scenario
also quite a few tweaks to make the ensemble more randomisable and it
should also perform better in autofly mode.
maybe reduced cpu a few percent.)

Lots of this is automated so its quite simple - run clock - snaps 120bpm

all 5 drums take their triggers from the Sentient clock

The toms have an auto break.

The Fitz chaos has 2 outs and take the first 2 clocks.
If the Fitz VCA clock is switched on it will be gated in time with the clock.
They go into the DWG west coast, and then to the LPG. ,this is plucked by all the drums. then to Overdrive + Verb.

The clock has a S+H MOD A connected to all Mod A'
The clock has a turing note gen out, which feeds the green osc, and LPG plucked by its own turing gate, and a delay

the versions of the blocks the Hihat, and Cymbal are improved versions.

the sentient clock is new and the DWG osc(add a drive)
the FUXI drive is a light single stage version instead of 3 stages
the verb is also a lighter version - no HP/LP
the toms slighty lighter-no drive
the snare is nearly identical- just its overall volume is up 5db

there are a few other builders blocks - Brett's green osc and delay. thanks to Hetrick for the original Fitz Chaos. also rachmeil's Geiger randomator.


1 year ago
if using the multiouts - a few of the levels will need setting in the DAW to rebalance the mix. its not really neseccary to record the main stereo out 1+2, instead it could be more useful hooking up the OUTS 1+2 direct to the out of the DWG to get a dry signal that can be post processed. also during recording not monitoring some of the tracks will make it easier.
Bodo Kuznik
1 year ago
Now it works cool cool !
1 year ago
not sure, no problems this end. there is an updated multiout version now you can try.
Bodo Kuznik
1 year ago
Hi Cal Reaktor crashed,dont Work. Why ???