The Edge FM

Very Big Blocks Ensemble,The Edge's Big FM Brother

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2.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
April 28, 2019
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


This is The Edge's Big Brother.

If you want to do some serious FM mess up, this one is for you .

Take care of your CPU Temperature !It might overheat !

Every Knob is labeled , so turn the INFO on.
The External Signal Processor is
from the MS 20 upload .Big hug to its Builders.
The Marble Noise Generator was made by
Matthew Friedrichs
Thanks a lot for this one.
This Overdrive Block was created by
Marcel Huibers.Thank you for sharing this.
So I hope you will have as much Fun with this Beast as i had building and exploring it.
It has the same Modulation Matrix like The Edge.
Cheers and greetings from Portugal.
Markus Cholewa
Compiled with Reaktor
You will have no FPP but all connections are saved in the Snapshot !

The Sounds were Recorded directly within Reaktor without any Schnickschnack . :)
Only one was made with 2 Instances in Cubase.

Vers. 2.0
Big Update
I substituted the SKF Filter for a second Monark Filter and both have now an Overdrive unit.
Now 6 FM Operators.
Enhanced Modulation Matrix and better Sound Quality.
I think the CPU load is more ore less the same,maybe even a little bit lower.
A lot of Bug fixes and some new features ,too much to mention it all.

Any Feedback about Bugs or User experience appreciated.
If you like it please do not forget to give your Vote.


John Smith
3 years ago
I had no expectation of this working on my 5 year old laptop, but after reducing samplerate to 11k I was able to get it to render offline :-D ...
Markus Cholewa
3 years ago
Hey Salembier, thanks for your post. Yes it is a beast... Did you try to cut down the sample rate? It still makes some cool sounds then. I should make an update (but that would not affect the CPU load, just improve the sound quality) but I can't find the time... I am working on several unfinished projects and want to get them done. Cheers.
3 years ago
Oupss ! CPU overloaded for first time...(Core i7 2.4Ghz) impossible to load, I can't get satisfaction*** Sorry i can t use it
3 years ago
the demo sounds are very good I want to try, following your inspiration thank's
Scott Weiser
3 years ago
Some seriously twisted sick textures in this beast. Good work.