The sound of tangled-up tape without tangling the tape

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1.08 (Updated 3 years ago)
May 01, 2019
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


The sound of tangled-up tape in 3 simple steps

1. Turn the „Salat“-fader to the left.
2. Dial in some noise, wow, flutter ect. to your taste.
3. Play with the „Salat“-fader and enjoy:)

New in 1.08:
Added Delay-Time and Feedback, so it's also usable as a kind of "tape"-echo

New in 1.06:
Added "Pause"-button with tape-stop effect
Noise is turned off at "-20"

Short "advertising"-video on youtube


Jesus Gonzalez Valenzuela
1 year ago
LOL Coo! Very Coo!
Lars Daniel Terkelsen
2 years ago
Thanks so much for this Jörg.
Daniel Hogan
3 years ago
Nice. Cool demos.
3 years ago
Thanks for doing the echo update
Jan Sandahl
3 years ago
So good! Thank you. :)
Nick Dwyer
3 years ago
Sounds fab!
Jörg Holzamer
3 years ago
The Azimuth Knob emulates what happens, when Record and Playback-Head don't have the same angle. You get a phase shift between left and right and the effective head gap gets larger, so the signal loses treble.
Jörg Holzamer
3 years ago
I just uploaded a new version. Noise and hiss are off, when the noise-knob is completely turned left.
oddy kallum
3 years ago
I wish there is a way to completely remove the noise hiss! I also love the Azimuth feature, I wonder what it's doing and where else I can find the effect, Maybe you can feature an ensemble that does just that!
Phil Price
3 years ago
ha ha.. that is awesome. I have plenty of tapes like this.
Jörg Holzamer
3 years ago
Thanks for your kind comments:) @Jan: Latency is about 100ms. The model needs some latency-"headroom", just in case you turn up "wow" and "salat" at the same time. @Dieter: Nice suggestion. I already did make a similar echo, It's simply called "Stereo Tape Delay". But it's lacking the "salat"-fader, so there's room for improvement.
michael möschler
3 years ago
Thank you! This is the plug I am waiting for years!!!
Dieter Zobel
3 years ago
sounds good, thanks. you could make a nice echo out of it...
Jan Sandahl
3 years ago
I'm old enough to have had several bowls of band salat. It sounds great in all its horror, but I love it. The only thing is the latency which is quite huge. Knobs respond too fast for my taste, but that is easier (for me) to adjust to taste. Audio wise, it's great, so big thanks!
3 years ago