90's like industrial LPF+Distortion (with AA)

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0.3 (Updated 2 years ago)
May 11, 2019
Reaktor 6


Oh boy, if you are the same age is me you already know how it sounds, who used this type of sounds A LOT and what that's all about.
If you are not... This is somewhat filter + some kinda cheap distortion. It's not a precise emulation, but this is somewhat like "LPF+Distortion" effect from Ensoniq ASR-10.

v - 0.3 - added AA


Patrick Long
8 months ago
Nice! Digging it and the Art!
2 years ago
John Louis Dreffs
2 years ago
"oh ok", check out Rammstein's album art for Reise Reise before you attribute malice and theft (from Driver of all places) to the design. This unit sounds bang on for what you were shooting for mate.
Ariel Kenan
2 years ago
you nailed it with the art ;)
Jeff Gury
2 years ago
Hey "oh ok"... Shut the F**k up
2 years ago
Well, it's obvious that I started from the driver interface, but I think that it's a fair use, because I stylized it to match cover one of the most iconic albums from my childhood. And it's very close, much closer than Driver. And yes, Driver is "filter+distortion" and Flugrekorder is "filter+distortion" so that's kinda reference to show the functionality. If I violated copyrights or something please let me know and I will delete this. I just assumed that here, in the UL, there are tons of "bento" stylized blocks and stuff, so I think that will be ok to make somewhat "driver-style" block.
2 years ago
In fact I build it when I just started going deeper into DSP design, so it can have some bugs. If you find any please let me know.