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Keyboard trainer with Light Guide

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1.1 (Updated 3 years ago)
May 27, 2019
Reaktor 6


FOR USE WITH LIGHT-GUIDE-FEATURED KEYBOARD CONTROLLERS. Although you can try it with any MIDI keyboard, a panelset with HW simulator is included.

This ensemble does not generate any sound. The audio demo illustrates the kind of exercise to expect.

So, after I tried many hopeless solutions to help myself to be more skilled with a keyboard, I suddenly got the idea to use the Light Guide feature present on some keyboard models sold here. After countless hours of work I’ve finally managed to create a sort of concept demonstrator.

It looks more like a daily exercises generator. On the menu there are scales, chords, arpeggios, with customization options. The human-machine interface is concentrated into the Light Guide, for faster and more efficient human interaction with the software. The main objective is to develop muscle memory.

In order to force the brain to learn something, the answers are processed in a ruthless way. Just press one wrong key, any mistake in an arpeggio sequence or press too many keys during a question, it’s a fail and you go back to the previous question.

A crude database system stores some results to help to track the skill progression. Snapshots are used for user profile management, so don’t forget to store/update a snapshot to save your results.

This is currently a project in the very early stages. I’m obviously not a keyboard Maestro yet, and I still have to buy one of those Komplete Kontrol S. Almost every aspect can be enhanced and a lot of features are waiting to be added.


V1.1 :
– A S49 mark II hardware unit is now used for development in place of the simulator alone.
– Fixed implementation of Light Guide for real this time.
– Improved pressed keys processing.
– Unified method to display pressed notes to avoid memory effect in question display.
– Fixed progression by thirds incorrectly generated.

V1.0 :
Original release


3 years ago
Thanks. Will try it ASAP.
Koon Nam Choi
3 years ago
the seems to be a great idea! I'm downloading this ! hope ill figure how to make this work :) Merci MJ Guillaume!
3 years ago
This ensemble does not send MIDI data. Only one keyboard is required.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Got my S49 mark 2 today. Indeed, I too can't make the L.G. work with Reaktor. Investigating.
3 years ago
@Aerosteak: The Light Guide driver does not work in Reaktor standalone (in the case you tried in that way). This should work as plug-in instrument in any DAW, and within Komplete Kontrol software too. But for the last case, an external sound generator device must be used since KK can't handle this ensemble and another sound generator plug-in in the same time. @Everyone: This project is globally not successful but I'm very glad that the few people needing it seem to like the concept. You're lucky, you are all enjoying it while I'm still waiting for my controller unit to be shipped in a couple of weeks.
3 years ago
Great idea! I may be stupid, but no way to make it work with a Komplete s88 MK2 keyboard. Anyone got some advice?
Starik Gen
3 years ago
That kind of tool should have been developed by NI itself long time ago since they realized their first Komplete keyboards with "LIGHT GUIDE"
Claude S.
3 years ago
I think that this will be a great help for people trying to boost their chops. I am more impressed by the people in this community all the time. It's this type of imagination that sets Reaktor apart! Congrats!