Tube-like saturator with AA. Colorful and rich.

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June 05, 2019
Reaktor 6


Upd. 19.07.2021: Fixed filter behavior. Oversampling is now disabled by default, check B view.

From adding subtle harmonic nuances to smashing clipping Tubchik can be your "go to" exciter. Combining different styles of saturation it provides you very large amount of options controlled by just a couple of knobs and switches. Waveshape display will help you figure out what are they doing.

Due to its possible asymmetry Tubchik can create a DC offset in signal. I take care of it by including HP filter. The filter is 18dB/oct and has just a bit of analog flavor, kinda like HP filter in SSL 4000 consoles.

Also I include "Dim" switch that activates -10dB input attenuation that can help you achieve very soft saturation in case of "hot" input.

You can control the amount of oversampling at the B view. NOTICE: by default 4x oversampling engaged. Oversampling will provide a tiny delay (it vary from samples to milliseconds, depending sampling factor) and pretty big CPU usage. I optimize it as much as I can but nothing is perfect, you know.

If you have any ideas how to improve Tubchik any further - leave a comment and it will be noticed.


3 years ago
You're welcome! I started to research this direction to create a tube simulation for guitar amp modeling and this work is almost done. I hope to publish my results this summer.
3 years ago
Both of your saturators are great sounding things! Using in my setup. Thank you.
Stanislav Fewfwe
3 years ago
good job, thank you!
3 years ago
I completely forgot to mention that Tubchick also has two modulation inputs that can modulate input level and drive amount. That gives you possibility to create nice filter-like effects via controlling amount of harmonics. For example: you can modulate drive by envelope, and with just a single low pitch sin wave you can build nice and punchy kick sound with clean decaying tone.