SpaceDrone MOD +++

Take a break from VCV

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Vers. 1.00 (Updated 3 weeks ago)
June 26, 2019
Reaktor 5 or lower


My modification of the SpaceDrone, the mother of all depths of the sound universe. With support from Martin Brinkmann, and his Lindenmayer generator. And of course the other Unnamed and their Snapshots.

Lindenmayer Generator
music generator
4 counters with variable stepwidth and startpoint. the counter value
is converted to a number with base n
the cross-sum of the result is the note pitch. (after it has passed the filter)

you should restart the global clock if you have changed the snapshot or
step/startvalue etc. otherwise the generators can get out of sync.

1999 by martin brinkmann

Panel B: Snapshot/Bank Randomizer… Thanks Jonathan Tremblay!
-Press ON under Timer -

Credits: Martin Brinkmann
Jonathan Tremblay


Greg Newton
3 weeks ago
I'm here on a break from VCV Rack. Thank you!
Mario Sarritzu
3 weeks ago
very good stuff, congratulations!
Tony Nekrews
3 weeks ago
Pretty damn wonderful. Many congrats and thanks.
Jonathan Tremblay
3 weeks ago
I love it
Steve Foulds
3 weeks ago
Catman Dude
3 weeks ago
Thanks, Yerry. This is a beautiful instrument. I'm looking forward to understanding how it works!