Clockable Dual FlipFlop & Trigger Generator

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July 03, 2019
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DualTrig is a simple flip-flop generator, that also outputs triggers, and each generator's outputs in both bipolar and unipolar fashion.

-CHANGED: Block description has been updated to better reflect the internal operation

-ADDED: Gate outputs that will always produce a trigger of 5ms regardless the flip-flop comparison.
(This is different from the Trig outputs, which only product a 5ms trigger when the appropriate generator's flip-flop = 1)

-ADDED: S&H Uni / Bi outputs for both engines
(This is different from the normal Gen Uni / Bi outputs, in that they only update when the appropriate generator's flip-flop = 1)

-CHANGED: Trig outputs to last for 5ms

When a generator receives a gate/trigger, it will output a 5ms gate from its 'Gate' output and also output a value from its respective 'Uni' / 'Bi' outputs. These values are not affected by internal comparison logic.

The internal comparison logic is responsible for determing when each respective generator's FlipFlop will output a value of 1, as well as when it produces a 5ms trigger from their respective 'Trig' outputs. The resulting comparison then is used as the S&H clock source for each generator's 'FF' outputs.

- - YES! It is possible for both flipflops to be at a value of 1 at the same time, this is not a bug as when testing I found this out, and decided to keep it in - -

Made By
Jonathan Tremblay

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Thank you, Jonathan.
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
thanks Jonathan. Will try this sooN.