BIAiDV (rackready)


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Flo Gudat
1.46 (Updated 2 years ago)
July 18, 2019
Reaktor 6


This is a patchable drumvoice module inspired by Noise Engineerings Basimilus Iteritas Alter...

I read the manual:

and made this :)

But it has just four oscs and a noise with sampleratereducer. and a sync function to sync them in phase.

I'm still finetuning the parameters;)

Hope you have fun

1.46 new waveshaper (Fracfold) and two more recombination algos
1.45 two new recombination algos (RCE) and a smack knob wich routes a short envelope (-/+) through the RCE algos
1.44 waveformshape is now sine/pulselike/sawlike and reworked fold (cleaner)
1.43 reworked modin for noise/attack.
1.42 there are two recombination modes now. rectify and offset.
added noise to crossmodulation and cfg envelops to noise and intmod.
harmonic spread goes also one octave down now. :D
1.41 wrote info for every knob, and the patch will be different with every update
1.4 inspired by FutureSoundSystems new "Recombination Engine", i rebuild a simple circuit. mainosc is crossfading between intmod+ and harmonics-
and i increase the harmonic spread
1.36 there's a new very simple SampleRateReduce/modClip effect it reduces samplerate or clips the output by int.mod. with cv in and an option to rectify the cv input.
1.35 one knob option to blend through FM/RM/PhM by int. Mod. (or ext.)
there is a triggerable decay env that routes int.Mod to output
seperate shape control int.Mod
1.34 added phase distortion (PD) and a knob to set the env-decay shape
1.33 Westcoast CFG envelope is much faster for amp
two new outputmodes X(xor logic-puls)R (ringmod)
Shape is modable via intmod now :)
2nd LPF is a 2 pole now, bash will add res
added two LPFs around the foldsection with full pitchtracking,
the Bashknob will route the env(-/+) to the filter and fold.
proper FM modulation.
added a pitchinput for the Internal Modulator.
changed the spread behavior

added an output for xor of int mod and main osc
added cv input for shape
proper tuning and outputs from intmod and env
extra sync for intmod
added two new phasemod modes...
W (woop) is envelope modulation and B(bite) the oscs modulate (cool with sync on)
better pitchenv behavior and improved fold section

improved noise section and waveshapes (sine to pulssawish)
-better noise section (Ringmod/Crush) and proper routing

finetuning on the envelopes


-added an internal modulator which will modulate AM, FM and PhM if nothing is patched to the
mod inputs
-reworked the foldback


Flo Gudat
2 years ago
cool :)
Petty Vendetta
2 years ago
Just got turned on to the work of Erv Wilson. Found Marcus Hobbs' wonderful pitch block in the user lib right away and applied it to Kyaraben, with beats being generated by BIAiDV. rendered at a pathetic 22khz cuz that's all the horsepower we could muster. Enjoy!
Flo Gudat
2 years ago
there is a rar file now, but i'm not sure if it's simple enough.. because i mostly make random drum patches and blipblobs in 180bpm ;) have fun
Guillaume Richard
2 years ago
flo: can you please add a simple example ENS of how to use this !?? thanks.
Flo Gudat
3 years ago
thanks for the feedback :D
3 years ago
1.3 Update. Very nice mate. The FM is great now. Keep going it's turning into a beast.
Flo Gudat
3 years ago
Moin Sawn, feel free to add things as you like. its just instpired by the original circuit, i never wanted to clone anything. help is always welcome :) thanks
3 years ago
I have the real module sat i front of me, without a doubt one of the best perc/kick modules in eurorack right now. I managed to get a half decent kick out out of this block although i needed to add a ENV+ VCA to tame the decay. i'm not sure how possible it is to completely clone the physical module but your on the right track with some things and way off with others. If you want some help/examples from the module let me know as i would love to have a reaktor version also. Good work mate.
Flo Gudat
3 years ago
Martin Blasko
3 years ago
Just keep on getting better
Flo Gudat
3 years ago
Hey Martin, the ring/crush fades the noise from ringmod noise too white noise too crushed noise. And almost every parameter is controlable from outside with block envelopes or other stuff. i will add an input for the shape soon ;) patching the curve sequencer to the att and turn the small att knob to the left is a cool thing... thank you for your feedback and have fun :)
Martin Blasko
3 years ago
Got it. I found out that I can turn it down with ring/crush knob as well. To be honest I'm not really keen on blocks these days, so I'll probably add couple of internal envelopes to control rest of the parameters onboard. But geez, this thing rocks!
Flo Gudat
3 years ago
Hey Martin, yes this is one of the cool feature of the circuit... attack is normal with the knob in the middle. turning it too the left will add noise and too the right i slows the attack.
Martin Blasko
3 years ago
Dude, I finally got myself to download this and give it a go. It is my kind of synth for sure. But is it normal that lowering attack brings out loads of noise?