Delay Based Panorama

Panorama device using L/R channel delaying

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
August 02, 2019
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Delay based panorama. Built by Guido Weber.
Idea took from the book "Das digitale Orchester" from Mike Novy.

Version: 1.0
Date: August 2019

Usual mixing devices provide panorama adjustments that affect left/right channel volume gain only.
But mother nature is more complex.
Human brain locates the origin of a sound based on three parameters:

1) Time difference of arriving sound between left and right ear
2) Difference of high frequency content
3) Difference of volume level.

For example a sound arrives a human beeing at an angle of 90 degrees (fully right). The sound arrives at the left ear 0.5 ms later than at the right ear, containing a lesser amount of high frequencies and having a somewhat reduced volume level.

This ensemble calculates the time delay, the high frequency and volume damping based on the panorama control in degrees (-90 fully left, +90 fully right).

The advantage of a delay based panorama is that you can get a precise pan image while operating the left and right channels at allmost identical volume. Note that a pan setting is audible even if high frequence and volume damping is turned off, using left/right delay time only.


Jason Chen
1 year ago
Thanks, This is really Cool, Thank you.
Guido Weber
2 years ago
Thank you so much, oh ok , for your intelligent, profound and wise comment. From now on I will carry your words of wisdom in my heart wherever I go.