PCM Module

PCM Oscillator with autotune for single-cycle waveforms

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1.2 (Updated 8 months ago)
August 30, 2019
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Drop a single-cycle wave form into the window to use it as an oscillator*.

- Adjust START and END points to find the right sound, see how the waveform changes.

- Waveforms of 600 samples in length are tuned to C0 and can be pitched as required.

- Other sample lengths can be automatically tuned using the AUTO setting.

- Modulate the START and END points for timbre variation (in AUTO mode) and VIBRATO (in FREE mode).

- Includes a simple demo ensemble with a couple of snapshots, plus a few waveforms. More to follow as I use and build library :)


V1.2 (2022-05-23)

- fixed panel view
- fixed x origin
- made waveform thicker

V1.1 (2019-10-26)

- front panel patching added
- pitch tuning readout added

Credit to Michael Hetrick for the Stereo Looper from which this block was developed.

Credit to Karl Sander for the Oscillator Tuner.

Also check out Adventure Kid for hundreds of 600-sample single-cycle waveforms... or make your own!

(PCM Oscillator Module was haphazardly cobbled together by Henry Bainbridge, some time in 2019).

* wild amounts of aliasing can occur, no idea how to solve that, but since I am using this mainly as a subtractive syth for basslines I am in no mad rush to resolve.


Avid Reader
3 months ago
Pretty nice, but pitch detection doesn't seem to work above B4, even with the built-in sine. Also the demo ens auto-locates the wav files, but the ism needs its path configured every time it's added to a project, it seems.
Wiola Thoms
8 months ago
Looking forward to trying this. There are many great single cycles available for free. Some iconic wavetable vintage included. I believe those had aliasing problems due to rudimentary tech so it may be just fine.
Dirk Wallinger
3 years ago
Der war sehr sardonisch,....der Vergleich "bud und dem Ersteller". Ich habe den Wortwitz,als solches,verstanden.
Henry Bainbridge
3 years ago
Thanks Nick! Haven't had time to look at TRK-01 properly yet, but love the concept of it. Yes go for it! I am new to modular stuff so I haven't really started to put together any interesting ensembles so it would be great to see some :) (BTW I am releasing version 1.1 soon with front-panel patching courtesy of Stephen Lemp's templates).
Nick Dwyer
3 years ago
Ah, Henry, what a relief. Now we can talk... love your module here and the bass end is fab. Reminds me of Trk-01 but more fun. I shall probably work it into an ensemble one day if you don't mind!
Henry Bainbridge
3 years ago
Agreed, thanks Nick, and whoever deleted those rants :)
Nick Dwyer
3 years ago
Can someone report this guy "oh ok" below? The first rant gets very offensive.