Simple eight-button-synth

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October 25, 2019
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Simple eight-button-synth inspired by a TB-303. It's not a clone (I wouldn't even know how to do that). It's just a lightweight synth with eight buttons to modify the sound. I don't need a monster synth on every track on my DAW.

I didn't use the Blocks Framework, because it overstrains my old computer, when using automation. It starts to crackle.

It has some additional features to make it more flexible and useful. You can also use it as envelope generator or modulation mixer.

I don't feel too save, when building in Core. Many things are still a mystery to me. Please let me know, if you find any mistakes.


#modified content. I used the naive oscillator from the book "Building in Core". I'd appreciate some more words about removing the "naivity".

The filter is a modification of "Ladder LP (opt) (4-Pole)". I added a saturator to the feedback loop, so it was possible to crank up resonace to 1.

Again: This thing is not meant to be the hero in your setup. It's there to save CPU load on additional tracks or channels.


NunChak Music
1 year ago
Cute little synth, dude! Keep it coming. Des haste schee gemacht. Bist n Gude
serge zay
1 year ago
new tag needed #modified content
Stefan Waidhas
1 year ago
Many thanks for this. Great synth!
Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago
Cool upload!