A box of FX

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Nick Dwyer
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November 06, 2019
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


A unit of four effects: Echo, Filter (4-pole Hi-pass, 4-pole Lo-pass), Reverb and Chorus - use any effects combo by dialling the relevant level and mix up or down. Each effect comes with between four and seven dedicated controls for ultimate tweak-age!

You will need the Reaktor 6 MFX plug-in full version. This installs as standard alongside the normal Reaktor software (don’t forget to use the MFX version or there will be no sound).

Unzip the Multi FX file to wherever you keep your music stuff. Open up your DAW, choose an instrument and drop-in Reaktor 6 MFX in the chain after it then open Flintpope Multi FX from wherever you have saved it. OR use Reaktor MFX/Flintpope Multi FX in your DAW effects channel.

OR use it alongside another Reaktor 6 Ensemble by using "Import Ensemble" inside Reaktor.

There are seventeen presets that aim to show some of the capabilities of the box.


Each dial has a dedicated info panel that opens up in the side pane of Reaktor. Or, if you have “Show Info Hints” selected in the “View” section of the Preferences drop-down, the info for each dial reveals itself if you hover the mouse.

An oscilloscope shows if a signal is passing through.

View A is a dark skin, View B is light.


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Really good! Thank you!