Proton 7 Fix

A great synth by Stephan Becker has been fixed

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December 08, 2019
Reaktor 5 or lower


Stephan Becker made some truly great Reaktor synths.
Unfortunately, two of the best of them, Proton 7 and Concept X, at some point in Reaktor revision history get broken and Stephan never fix them.
This was a true shame, because they're very complex machines capable of great sounds.
Although I am a noob in Reaktor, I've managed to fix them.
(For the curious/technical: all the Receive modules needed to have "Enable Switch Off" checked)

This is Proton 7. It's clearly inspired by Massive, even in its appearance. It includes:

3 oscillators (2 wavetable, 1 virtual analog) with the possibility to modulate waveforms in various ways
1 noise source (various colors)
2 multimode filters (serial or parallel)
a shaper multimode section
a sofisticated modulation section including:
4 Envelopes
4 LFOs (multiwave) that can be switched to step sequencers or "performances"
a FX section including reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger and EQ (three of them can be stacked)

The real power of Proton 7 is the fact that almost all the synth parameters can be modulated by the modulation section (even the modulation sources themselves!).
I've mapped 6 controllers (3 to 8) to the Komplete Kontrol keyboards knobs (cc 14 to 19); other than that, the synth is exactly how Stephan built it.
The snapshots are the original ones.



Ivano Locci
1 year ago
Dunno. I made some quick tests with snaps with multiple envs, lfos, steps and perfs and they seems to be retrieved fine. Can you point to more specific issues?
Petty Vendetta
1 year ago
Workin on some snaps Ivano, but they don't seem to sound the same when I reload them. At very least it seems the envelopes are getting corrupted. Anyone?
Petty Vendetta
1 year ago
ooh- thissun too. Didn't recognize this as Mr Becker's talent. Ypa!
1 year ago
Great! 10/10