hex guitar to MIDI converter

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December 12, 2019
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Fret Keys Hex takes the audio from a hexaphonic electric guitar and turns it into MIDI note pitch and on off data. It enables the player to use any MIDI synth or sound module with an electric guitar and Roland GK3 pickup. So you can play a synth with a guitar. It requires 6 audio interface inputs, a ts breakout box and a Roland GK3 pickup->
for your guitar
-additionally the guitar needs to be strung with all C strings(.711 mm .028" 22 Gauge)
The technology is called AMDF, and has been conceived by Bertrand Antolin, a dev here at the library. His current build is called VoiceKeys. He's focusing on translating voice atm. I will attempt the hex electric aspect using his method. It is delay based. If we take the signal, and compare it to a delayed version, when the inverted signal nulls, we read the length of the delay. This is our monophonically derived pitch. This is what I understand this to do, but I'm maybe a little wrong. It's a little bit of a black box to me, his Core schematic.
I will keep it updated when I change it, it would be nice to collab with BertAnt to do this sweet/er.
nJoy! let me know what you think.

<<edit Dec 2019>>
I had taken this down to secret my technology, but now I'm back to open sourcing my developing, so it's available again! Probably this device is finished, and will not be updated. If something seems amiss, please let me know and I'll fix it and re-up. By default, it's downtuned 4 semitones to something of a C tuning, this can be changed on the interface