KODIAK Duality Osc PW bugfix

Modification of Duality Osc to include PW control

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1.2 (Updated 2 years ago)
February 08, 2020
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Kodiak Duality Osc block is a brilliant, intricate, thoughtful piece of work by NI engineers/programmers.
As the Instrument description tells us, it’s “particularly well suited for growling and creaking bass sounds.”

That being the case, it surprised me, with all the modulation possibilities that lurk in its structure and available on the panel, that unlike many of NI’s block oscillators, there is no Pulse Width control for what thus becomes simply a Square Wave setting at the top of the SHAPE control that pertains to the MOD Osc.

The variety of modulation control may have made NI think that Pulse Width would be almost redundant. But it turns out that it’s a powerful extra control on this oscillator, and so while the tweak to bring it out was simple and would be easily done by builders who cared to, for the non-builder community I suspect it will add significant enhancement to an already stunning oscillator.

In addition I’ve added another output, called simply “Sec” for Secondary Output. Since so much processing of oscillation signals happens in this block, I played around with some of them, and discovered several of them may be useful for mixing purposes. The 2 possibilities I settled on were the ‘Folded’ output, and another called ’Secondary Sine.’

‘Folded’ represents the Main Osc signal after most of the modulation processing, but before the final 2 stages lead to Out Main.

’Secondary Sine’ is an interesting name for a waveform that changes according to the SHAPE of the MOD Osc. So viewing it on the Scope utility block it’s clear it isn’t simply a sine, but follows the morphing image just above the text ‘SHAPE’.

As to the original 2 outputs:
Out Main is the fully modulated signal (including, now, Pulse Width adjustments and A/B modulations).
Out Mod is the signal represented by the display for the Shaped MOD Osc, plus, for shapes just above Sawtooth and up to Square, the Pulse Width adjustments and A/B modulations mentioned above.

The slightly changed look of the block comes mostly from a modification done by Thala Estra, which added a Mix control for the original 2 outputs.
I hope you enjoy this additional Pulse Width control enhancement!


2 years ago
David, that was just the excitement of uploading the successful version.
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Thanks, Paule, I just deleted the old one. I have no idea how I missed that big 'EDIT' button before!
2 years ago
David, a replace is to use the EDIT button upper right corner on a published U/L post.
Willie Lewis
2 years ago
Thanks Catman (thumbs up emoji).
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
quickest fix ever ;-)
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Sorry for the repost, I don't remember how to replace a published U/L post. This was a simple bugfix to display the Mod A/B return when modulating Pulse width. Willie Lewis, I'm thinking about that Fine tuning mod...