Source of Uncertainty

Emulation of Buchla's Fluctuating Random Voltages

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February 10, 2020
Reaktor 6
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This patch uses Bento Box Blocks to emulate the Fluctuating Random Voltages found on Buchla's 266 Source of Uncertainty module. It produces smoothly changing random modulation that can be used to add an element of chance to any sound.

To demonstrate this effect, the Fluctuation Random Voltages are sent to the Wave control of a droning Bento Box Oscillator. The modulation signal's rate of change can be set using the first Macro Knob in the range of 1-10 Hz.

To apply the Fluctuating Random Voltages to your own Rack, select the Blocks named "SoU [...]" in the Structure and copy them to the clipboard. You can then open your Rack and paste them into the Structure.

The Fluctuating Random Voltages are based on a triangle wave (SoU Oscillator) that is modulated by filtered noise (SoU Noise Source, SoU Low Pass). This chaotic signal is then sampled and slewed (SoU Sample/Slew) at an adjustable rate (SoU Rate). A Macro Knob is used to control the rate and the slew time simultaneously in order to ensure smooth transitions between values at any given rate.

Required Products: Blocks Base


Phil Durrant
1 year ago
Thanks Paule :) To be honest I have been lurking and downloading stuff - Blocks - mainly for teaching purposes - euclidean, algorithmic, generative, modular.
1 year ago
Hip hip hurrah! Sowari is back. Welcome back Phil - to the show that never ends.
Ryan Dean
1 year ago
Fun to hook it back into Altair IV - this copy/paste is a good idea for mutating patches! Now if only we had some "combinator"-type performance bar for labeling and controlling everything.. switching patch topologies on the fly.
Phil Durrant
1 year ago
Wow - thanks Jan for doing this :) Now all we need is a specific Block that will do this ;)
Catman Dude
1 year ago
Thanks, Jan Ola! Nice to have U/L participation from NI folks.