Mux --> Looper --> Demux

Example of using the Mux and Demux blocks to loop signals

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David X
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February 13, 2020
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Example of using the Mux and Demux blocks to record 4 different signals into the looper block.

(Sorry this rack requires the toybox Designers Pack, next upload will be for the free packs)

• Play notes and jam the modwheel of your MIDI controller.
• Click LOOP to start looping the last bar of your jamming.
• Change the knobs and modulation settings of the oscillator block to change the sound as it loops.

The mix control of the Looper block defaults to 99.6% which messes with the demued signals so make sure you change this to 100% if you are using the looper in this way in your own racks.


toybox Designers Pack


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