Double Quantizer

Quantizer with two levels of probability

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February 21, 2020
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This is double quantizer module that ive created for my work-in-progress sequencer, with included example templates, scales and chords snapshots

You can set each note, 1 or 2 route, and then set the probabilty of picking one of two routes output by 1/2 CHANCE knob

If you set 1/2 CHANCE fully counterclockwise, only notes with value 1 will be played, same with notes with value 2 when 1/2 CHANCE knob is fully clockwise

Pitch + gate mode will act as quantizer for keyboard / sequencer input, you have to use GATE input aswell, as it will roll for 1 or 2 route with each note (if you dont, it 'll be randomly locked on either one). You probably want to set RANGE knob to maximum in this mode.

Clock mode will act as random quantized sequencer, just connect clock source into CLOCK input, and (probably) lower RANGE knob.

There is also TRANSP input, you can use it to controll transposition (post quantization) with keyboard, set TRANSP knob to -60 for typical sequencer behaviour

In pitch + gate mode, you can also generate melodies with other modulation source, connected to PITCH input, just remember to connect some clock source into GATE input

RANGE and OFFSET knobs happen before quantization, TRANSP knob is post quantization

If input note is not set to either
route 1 or 2, closest note 'll be picked instead. If there is the same inteval up and down, it will go down.

Its ready to add A/B modulation sources, but i dont rly see a reason for it, while it icrease CPU usage a lot, i just removed those to keep it low.


Michał Gąsiorowski
1 year ago
Paule: neither built in "Utility Blocks" has, there is no mod at all as i dont see a reason for it. Similarly, there is no A/B mod on Util note in block or any other from that category
1 year ago
Your 'Block' has no A/B mod.
Michał Gąsiorowski
1 year ago
version 1.1, fixed some gate trigger issues
Catman Dude
1 year ago
Very interesting. Looking forward to checking it out!