Macro Modulator

Multistage mixer / panner / modulator

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1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
March 03, 2020
Reaktor 6


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Multistage mixer / panner / modulator.

Functionality is based on famous open source eurorack module, but its quite different approach (more analogue like controlls vs. digital) and its not based on source code at all (its not possible in reaktor), instead only behavior is more or less reproduced.

You can use it as mixer (connect 4 individual signals into In 1-4 and use Mix output), panner (use in all input and individual outputs 1-4), macro attenuverter (use pair in-out for each source) or constant voltage source (use +10V switches).

Large STAGE knob will select one from 8 stages. On the B side of the module, you can set attenuverter knob possition for each track (color coded) and each of its stage (1-8) and slope of the crossfade transition between each stage on each track (SLOPE knobs).

STAGES knob will determine how many stages you want to use (from 2 to 8), STAGE knob will be automaticly scaled to that ammount.

STAGE knob will send gate trig when you cross stage breakpoint so you can sync it with sequencer for example, or envelope generator.

+10V are toggling between input for each track and constant voltage (MAX constant modulation).

There is also GATE IN, that needs to be activated with the button- in that mode, gate in trig will increase / decrease / choose random stage, while reset trig (either manual or from reset in) will change stage to first one. In that mode, knob controller is not working.

Black panel is MONITORING panel, there are knobs for each track, showing current track attenuverter knob position and -10V/+10V metter for each input and output (post track attenuverter).


Demetriades Panos
1 year ago