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insects of the outer world Fhaul - Sound Generator

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1.1 (Updated 2 months ago)
March 11, 2020
Reaktor 6


- ADD: MMP 1.6
- ADD: Random in LFO wave
- ADD: Sat-Filter in Reverb
- ADD: MRC 084c longflow
- ADD: Interpolated LFO combis
- ADD: Pitch Offset
- ADD: Sample Shape
- ADD: de-rumple
- ADD: MRC 0.85a
- ADD: a-Xtrema from pandoro
- FIX: switch to selector in osc
- FIX: switch to selector in LFOs
- FIX: LFO Rmp/ Saw smooth
- FIX: Sample & Hold
- FIX: Gate Smooth
-FIX: guis
- DEL: LFO 5
- DEL: Transpose and Semi

Controlled by MRC two sample oscillators mod by aural exciter streams to filter, flanger, delay and reverb.

Guenter Hager, Dietrich Pank, Jörg Holzamer, Alexander Potekhin, Cris List, Kristian Thom, Colin Brown, Don Philipps, Jochen Frehse, Dieter Zobel, Martijn Zwartjes, Martin Jann, Chet Singer, Thala Estra, Rick Scott, Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger, Vedran Vuk, Uwe G. Hoenig, Z Gabr, Philippe Loiseau, Jonathan Adam Leonhard, Grusik.

Inspired by Alien Space Weaver (ASW) by Guenter Hager (HGF). Based on Illusions of Sound.

The honor deserve to HG Fortune for his beautiful ideas.
Passed away in autumn 2014.

More sample maps

Using Lazy button 'All' extremly Reaktor crashed eventually.

Hints are shown with circled 'i' in upper right corner of Reaktor's tool bar or (ALT+I). Move the mouse arrow over the knob and read the info.

After long tail delays please switch off/ on the audio engine (CTR+R) to start with a fresh sound.

Snapshots for demo only.
Commercial use is permit


Greg Killmaster
2 months ago
Hi Paule, just a note to say that MIDI In is turned off on "Insects of Phaul" ins. I like "playing" it with keyboard.
Philippe Loiseau
3 months ago
Always nice, Paule
Catman Dude
3 months ago
A big thumbs up to this one, Paule! Wild & Crazy like I like it.
Phil Price
3 months ago
Outstanding Paulie. I dont know how you manage to produce so many ensembles in the time. Years ago, I was a big fan of the HGF VSTs, Good that you keep that fire burning.
Greg Killmaster
3 months ago
o, right! I see what you mean. Great tip.
3 months ago
Thank you Greg. For more rhythm switch of MRC and play keyboard or drive a midi file. The 5 LFO, Sample & Hold and the double LFO can rhythm your record.
Greg Killmaster
3 months ago
Paule, this is so wonderful sounding! and I love all the lazy buttons! Hoping to get more deeper into it and record some track with it soon! Thank you!!