Proteus V3 (Proteus goes grains)


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0.1 (Updated 18 years ago)
October 10, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower


Analog 3-VCO synthesizer for FM, AM, RM and sync, with two envelopes and LFO`s for modulation of amplitude, filter, sync phase, pitch and sync pitch. I implemented a Lowpass, Highpass and band-reject Filter.Available Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Pulse, Noise, grains. You can draw waves and you have a sampler for external waveforms.Every waveform (except noise) syncs itself (splits to master and slave, like Yamaha AN1x) and can be modulated or can modulate other waveforms.Since Version 2 I implemented grain synthesis and an additional LFO (now 3 of them and they are now synchronisable to BPM).Runs good on a 700 MHz Duron CPU (or similar), it takes at least 30% of your CPU away then. At extremes it consumes up to 70% of CPU (at 6 Voices, with Chorus and "Stereo"-Reverb), so don`t expect something like Weedwacker or so.No manual, no presets.This is my last version of this kind of synthesizers, since I don`t like the principle any more, and I just want to get rid of it, because it`s too fat and sounds to normal (I like the design though). Maybe YOU can do something useful with this, so like it or hate it, I don`t care.Mail comments to:


Dark Smith
2 years ago
Thanks for the share.
cool breeze
10 years ago
Don't normally post negative but I hate this too.
Jörg Moeken
16 years ago
Verg good and useful thing - gute Sache das :-) Hab ich immer schon gesucht!
hell woooda
17 years ago
1st for any f-up, worked ok right after... ('downloads' seemed to think @ 2st it was larger thatn it was ??)
hell woooda
17 years ago
'decompression failed' {1st x for this G5}, so mebbe should be looked @