OMega 2 (with muted SF)

Experimental Music Workstation (slightly crippled)

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2.0 (Updated 3 months ago)
March 16, 2020
Reaktor 6


This is identical to the OMega 2 Workstation, but the two Superformula instruments are muted.
This might allow folk to run it on small machines.
Running this on a PC at 5.1 gHz I see this CPU on the Reaktor GUI:
Sample rate 48kHz - 20%
Sample rate 96kHz - 37%
Sample rate 192kHz - 76%

Naturally, with these instruments muted, the SF insert effect using these SF instruments will not make any sounds.

You might alternatively try summing the left and right effect inputs to make a mono signal and use just one of these superformula blocks.

The remainder of this description is copied from the OMega 2 Workstation in my previous U/L upload:

OMega 2 is a collection of 17 Reaktor instruments.

It has evolved over the years and grown as my personal computer has gotten more powerful to accommodate it. If you don't have a recent computer, you probably won't be able to use it very effectively, but you can strip it for parts.

To start, you need to play the Reaktor clock at some tempo. Two yellow lights warn about this if the clock is off.

The top ensemble is called 'Ens-OMega 2' and is just under the Oblique Strategies instrument. That ensemble has mostly the output L/R scopes, phase scope, FFT spectrum and some high-level controls. It also has a random snapshot chooser which picks a snapshot at random and plays it for a while and then moves on. That is because most of these instruments are, or can be, self-playing.

So going around the clock from top left clockwise we have:

1) Oblique Strategies - from the deck of cards from Brian Eno. It has over 100 short zen-like statements to aid in removing creative blocks. Mouse click Brian's head to get a card.

2) Morse-Thue sequencer - this is a fractal MIDI note generator that I use to test sounds and drive the self-play parts.

3) OMega 2 synth - the synthesizer proper. It has 10 oscillators, 20 filters, 20 effects, etc. Each is unique.

4) Mastering Limiter - an 8x oversampling output limiter to prevent clipping. By Guenther Fleischmann.

5) Final Processor - DC output removal and noise dithering of the digital output.By Guenther Fleischmann.

6) OMega 2 ensemble.

7) Samples - OMega 2 synth has no sample playback, this instrument connects to the external input of OMega 2 and allows a sampler and granular sampler playback of sample maps. Several sample maps are included.

8) rachToys - a top-level instrument I made to control 4 effects from 'rachMiel' - Rick Scott. It can randomly choose one of the 4 effects to process the output of OMega 2 synth.

9-12) g'Litch v5; g'LitchToo; sparDelay v4; and spektreDelay are the 4 rachToys - each has a special sound effect which may be continuously randomized at various rates, if desired.

13) For rent - this is just a placeholder image to fill a hole in the GUI.

14-15) L and R Superformula Dispersion - a fancy delay effect (left and right channel independent) that may be used as an insert in OMega 2 synth.

16) BeatLooper - a beat loop sampler that connects to the external input of 'Samples' for a third type of sample playback for OMega 2 synth. This is from Twisted Tools.

17) SpaceMaster - the classic reverb from the Reaktor library - the last effect in the effect chain.

There are about 2400 VST controllable parameters (Reaktor Panel elements).

If you are having CPU problems, you can MUTE, bypass, or remove these: Mastering Limiter, Final Processor, and the 2 Superformula instruments.

You can lower the Control Rate if you simplify the ensemble.

The GUI is very large: 3440x1440 ultra-wide.

I doubt that you can play this on any laptop.

You should not enable automatic panel layout or you will destroy the GUI setup and make a mess. The layout is saved in 2 panelsets in case you make that mistake.

This is composed of Reaktor parts from many authors, all are credited inside and below.

There are a large number of snapshots for every instrument. I made most of them including all the sample maps.

Thomas Medes worked on parts of OMega version 1 and contributed some snapshots. Paule also has contributed some morphed snapshots.

A few random snapshots are demoed in the attached files.

The macros are well documented with smart defaults on panel elements. Omega 2 synth View B shows the architecture.
This will be challenging to use, you will have to be patient if you plan to build with this.


Jim Hurley
Thomas Medes

Builder Credits:

Reaktor Builders Macros sets
NI library
James Walker-Hall
Herwig Kra§
rachMiel (Rick Scott)
Chet Singer
Chris List (Clist)
gabriel mulzer
Florian Schwehn
Robin Davies
Dieter Zobel
Ernest Meyer
Don Davies
Sowari (Phil Durrant)
jopy (Johann Meier)
Adam Hanley
harry.haller aka Tim Schwerdtfeger
Sandy Small
Martn Brinkmann
Christopher Lenz
Jan Gabler
colB aka Colin Brown
Jorg Holzamer
Siegmar Kreie
Erik Wiegand
Martijn Zwartjes
Stephan Schmitt
Hugo Portillo
lAZyfISh aka Alexander Potekhin
B. deJong
pierre-andre soulier
Martijn Deluxe
Guenther Fleischmann

Bernd Keil (snapshot bank 3)


3 months ago
Well, I try this also!
3 months ago
I just downloaded 6.3.2 it today. This runs fine in 6.3.2. I did not want to add variables when doing such a large build, so I delayed my upgrade.
3 months ago
Jim, don't you trust R6.3.2?
3 months ago
Made with Reaktor 6.3.1