simple 2 oscillator subtractive synthesizer.

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2.0.0 (Updated 7 months ago)
March 17, 2020
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All sound examples are 100% generated by this synth (no external effects mastering tools or prerecorded sounds)

Doublecross synth (ver 2.0.0)

by FoggySunday

Doublecross is a simple 2 oscillator subtractive synthesizer which utilizes a 3x3 grid to create its sounds. Both oscillators have 2 custom made effects that add some extra options for sound modulation.


- 8 voice polyphonic input
- 7(?) waveforms to choose from
- ADBDSR envelope
- 3x3 grid based synthesis which divides the waveform into low, mid and high frequency signals. Each signal is manipulated with parabolic and cubic shapers whose parameters can be changed with the knobs which are locked to its respective frequencies. Faders change grids global filter characteristics. For each out of 3 frequency signals exists 4 filter types which can be changed individually.
- Visual feedback for the grid
- 2 effects that add more flexibility to the outcome: metallize and boost
- Global slew modifier
- Basic global oscillator parameters: level, pan & ON/OFF switch
- secrets ;)


- B window: Constant Control which allows user to manipulate the fundamental mathematical values within the synth. Changes can vary from subtle frequency shifts to more drastic behaviour differences of the synth itself.
- New oscillator waveshape: Impulse
- Oscillator shape indicators
- Oscillator frequency slider

Have fun :)


5 months ago
love this lil guy! would like some presets too
Claude S.
8 months ago
I like it... but 50% CPU is quite a bit. Phew... But it is sweet.