Granular Looper

Using the Granular Sampler as a looper

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David X
1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
March 22, 2020
Reaktor 6
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Example of using the Granular Sampler block from the toybox Sampling Pack as a looper.

• Click the RESET button on the “Buttons” block to reset the loop playback and recording.
• Play notes on your MIDI controller to record something into the looper.
• Change the FEEDBACK knob on the mixer to set how quickly the looped section decays to silence .
• Hold the REPLACE button on the “Buttons” block to replace a section of the looping audio.

Note: the FEEDBACK function uses the "Rec Out" port of the Granular Sampler block (only visible in structure view). This port outputs the data in the buffer just before it's replaced by the recording. You can insert effects (reverb, distortion, filters etc) into this feedback path to progressively distort and alter the looped audio.


toybox Sampling Pack


Scott Vincent
1 year ago
Ohh, this is bonkers! Lots of variations for sound design if you connect an LFO to the Sampler's START and LENGTH input using regular waves for more 'rhythmic' grooves or S&H for madness! Nice work, Dave!
Willie Lewis
1 year ago
Amazing, thanks Dave!