Plural Electronic Timbre Exciter!

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Nick Dwyer
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April 03, 2020
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Populated by 48 broken sounding atmospheric samples PETE is YET another Dual Layer Sample Player aimed at creating unusual ambiences.

However, double layers of 24 samples (a different set on each layer) can be manipulated via numerous effects (see below). Of special interest is the DESTROY switch on each layer; guess what that does?

All 48 samples are looped back and forth and will play forever if a key is held down.

Populate with your own samples via the Samplemap.


Sample Layers
Select, Volume, Startpoint, Pitch, Pitchwheel, Destroy, Pan.

Global FX
LFO with variable triangular symmetry assignable via two separate dials to Reverb, Vol Sample A, Pitch Sample A, Cloud Delay Mix, Filter Cut, Vol Sample B, Timestretch, Pitch Sample B.

Cloud delay with 16 parameters including freeze which in conjunction with the mix dial allows a continuous loop to be created while still inputting notes in real time.

Master Output, Stereo Width, Timestretch, SVF Filter, Reverb, Tape Hiss, Envelope.

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8 months ago
This is really pretty and has a lovely lush sound. Many thanks!
Runaway Trainset
10 months ago
Thanks Nick!
Nick Dwyer
10 months ago
Soooo Pawel too
Pawel Mroczek
10 months ago
Pete is sooo Pete Thanks for unique exciter
Nick Dwyer
10 months ago
Thanks you lovelies. Wow to Paule! You are the High Master of the user Library. I am not worthy!
Tony Nekrews
10 months ago
Once again you’ve been very generous with your skills and I’ll add my thanks to those spoken below.
10 months ago
Thank you Nick. To share the results of your genious.
Irene Wiley
11 months ago
Nick Dwyer for President!!!! You're are a Genius!!!!!