Marius H.'s to front patching

Convert all his block to front patching

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April 05, 2020
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All the blocks created by Marius H. ( ) converted to front panel pitching.

I tried to make the blocks to look as much as possible to the real modules, but due to many connections some of the blocks came a bit overcrowded.
Also made them taller which allowed me to fit all the connection  - and as the real modules don't fit in eurorack format.
On some of the blocks I removed the modulation (A and B) connection - again, trying to be as close to the real ones.
I also convert the PRO-Quantizer to look like part of all modules.

The sequencer - I end up with two version:

With Front and Back panel where you can switch the pitch control of the rows  on and off from the back panel


SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER 2.3 is only front panel and I removed all the controls on the back. To control the pitch on all three rows simply connect the Pitch from NOTE IN to the pitch on the sequencer. The problem here is, that you can change the pitch from the keyboard, only from C3 and up (and since I don't understand anything of building blocks from scratch, I really don't know how to make it to work for the full range of notes), but when unplug the cable, the note stays on C3 instate like on 2.2 version where the note goes to C-2 and you have to turn off the pitch switch on the back panel.
On both of versions I removed the random and reset functions. It was causing from time to time to skip a note and shifting the whole sequence.

I crate a second version - CV MIXER MIX - where all four gates are mixed to one output and you can control the inputs from the switches.

On the TRIGGER BUS I didn't pull any Inputs on the front, like the real module is connected inside.

The CP3 MIXER and NOTE IN (Which was the keyboard from the original blocks) I made the 1/3 shorter than the rest of the blocks - again to keep it as the real modules.

Also add a STEREO EXTERNAL IN, MONO EXTERNAL IN and EXTERNAL OUT blocks, so you connect the upfront and work only with front panel patching.

I include one Ensemble to show the ratcheting connection. And for good explanation you can check the video, how to make the patching  - 


2 months ago
Wow! Thanks for this! Great job!
2 months ago
Great! Amazing! Fantastic!
sam eddy
3 months ago
sorry i ment cloudlab200 v3, ive been enjoying isolation with these two, very much apreciated thanks.
Plamen Valchev
3 months ago
Sam Eddy I didn't know that there is 3th version 'till today... but yes Thank You, guys!
Cursore Unopuntozero
3 months ago
Awesome work!!!
Ritik Kaundal
3 months ago
great work
sam eddy
3 months ago
this mixed with clouds v3 solve all the west/ east coast debates awsome upload thankyou!
3 months ago
Thanks, looks serious.