Organism 8

Living feedback and FM synth

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1.1 (Updated 1 month ago)
April 08, 2020
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Organism 8 is an attempt to recreate the structure of the Soma Labs Lyra 8 designed by the brilliant Vlad Kreimer. It is an eight-voice synthesizer that excels at less-traditional synth sounds due to its cross-modulation design.

This instrument does not function like a normal synthesizer. There are eight voices that are activated by the white keys on a keyboard from C2 to C3. No other keys will function.

All of the controls have tooltips - use them to get a better understanding of the synthesizer, or refer to the Lyra-8 documentation.

Version 1.1

- Changed the way the oscillator shapes are mixed in order to keep more even volume during the transition from triangle to sawtooth when using the Sharp control.
- Added a white “B” panel for people who aren’t a fan of the magnificent green shade of the original.

Version 1.0

The following are differences from the original Lyra-8:

- The synth has a full stereo path. The stereo panorama is created by the added pan controls for each individual voice.
- Inputs are velocity sensitive, which helps add some of the expressiveness lost from the lack of contact pads.
- The Sharp control smoothly fades through three waveforms, the original soft triangle and square waves with a sawtooth in between.
- Added individual drone knobs for each voice, breaking out the controls that are set to groups of four on the Lyra 8.
- Added a Slew function to the LFO. Rather than just using a triangle output for the LFO, this changes the transitions from high to low into ramps while maintaining the sustained portion of the signal. Note that this will cause the amplitude of the LFO to be reduced at high slew rates. This setting is shared between the modulation of the VCO pitch and the delay lines.
- Changed the Vibrato control from a switch to an attenuator, allowing for more subtle applications than the original binary switch. The vibrato retains the slightly different timing for each bank of two voices.
- The Delay will self-oscillate when the feedback knob is on full. You’ve been warned!

The knobs are from the very useful 008 and 002 knob kits made by Efflam Le Bivic, be sure to check out his great work.


Denes Dobai
3 days ago
Very good stuff. I had a lot of fun with it already. (DLed yesterday) The layout resembles the Beatstep HW and because I have 2 of them a Black and a White I can set them up to control almost all parameters. Superfun. THANKS.
4 weeks ago
:) Tangerine Dream piped this direct to LP. That's one of the sounds of my youth you have just recreated.
1 month ago
This is just amazing!
Leandro de Loredo
1 month ago
Amazing! Great job!! Thanks!!
Winfried Sitte
1 month ago
This is a lot of fun! Thank you. I did change the tuning step size to 512, thanks for the tip. And that green is magnificent! I can see myself working up some very usable patches on this.
Arne Borgan
1 month ago
Nice instrument!! I tried changing the step size and Mouse resolution. It still has audible "steps" when using a midi controller.
Michael Hermes
1 month ago
Sorry, It's not clear to me what you're looking for - There is no MIDI pitch information used in the ensemble after identifying which key is used for Voice 1, Voice 2, etc. It's just gates activating a voice - you manually tune each voice using the Tune knobs.
Jukka Andersson
1 month ago
Yes, I tried that at first but i guess it wont work with the midi?
Michael Hermes
1 month ago
@Jukka Andersson: Make sure the ensemble is in Edit mode. Click on the first Tune knob and then the Properties tab in the left panel. Set "Step Size" to 0 and then increase Mouse Resolution to 1024 or 2048. That should give you more granular pitch resolution. For more coarse resolution, increase Step Size above 1. You'll need to do that for each Tune knob, but then save the ensemble and you shouldn't have to do it again.
Jukka Andersson
1 month ago
Is there easy way to adjust the pitch step resolution?
James Anderson
1 month ago
Won’t download on my iPad Pro software version 13.4.1
1 month ago
This is great!!
Andreas Schmelas
1 month ago
Holy shit, this thing is a monster :)
Arwyn Hughes
1 month ago
Really cool. Thank you.
1 month ago
Nice work ! I made myself 1 year ago a recreation of the Soma, full core process and patch and play for modulate all the parameters ... but i never uploaded it on the library. I agree with Willie Lewis for the semitones knob, its a pleasure to work this kind of synth with the ear more than the semitones in my opinion.
Willie Lewis
1 month ago
@Michael, exactly- you can't satisfy everyone, which I imagine is difficult in making those decisions, I empathize! A toggle function would be cool - for those like me who would like the tune knobs to function just like they do in the original, which is what attracted me to that instrument, the ability to acheive those gorgeous mircotonal tones. It's the only instrument I have that controls me, rather than me controlling it, great for some but not for all.
Michael Hermes
1 month ago
@Willie Lewis: It's funny, when I was putting it together, I knew that if I had un-quantized pitch knobs, one of the first requests would be to to get them set to regular intervals, and likewise if I set them to intervals user would want smooth. I can look into adding a toggle function for that, or maybe making the B side function as the smoothed/unquantized version.
Willie Lewis
1 month ago
Beautiful design, I have the real thing and it's a great companion, especially being stereo. One request, (and I'm not a builder so I don't know how hard it would be..) would it be possible to have the tune knobs smoother between pitches/glide? Right now they seem to increase or decrease in semitones. I could live without it, this is amazing though and will probably be in the top downloads.
alessandro bonino
1 month ago
Simply amazing. Thank you Michael.